Crew Maritime Rate

Crew Maritime Rate (CMR)

ECS offers an important service to optimize the preparation of meals on-board for the crew.

CMR, “Crew Maritime Rate”, is the provision of a flexible food basket able to feed the Whole Crew, without compromising quality or meal plan flexibility and the creativity of the Chefs!

CMR is based on calorific requirements and can be tailored taking into account traditions, nationalities and religions together with the international standards of the catering industry.

Customer defines a frame of ingredients selecting from over 30 categories and up to 700 line items made available weekly in any port in North and South Europe, Middle East, South West and East Africa.

Food safety, quality control, standard service and price consciousness are our critical keys.

Ebrex is qualified as Prime Vendor of the US Defense Logistic Agency and counts on a significant experience related to the meal creation and preparation for the personnel all over the world.

Ebrex is an ISO 22000 company that implements every day food safety and quality control, standard steady services and respect of the environment, ingredients variety together with price consciousness.

CMR is dedicated to:
• CRUISE Liners and Passenger Ferries
• CARGO Vessels
Key benefits
• Fixed yearly Budget of the whole man/day rate
• Significant waste reduction
• Stock reserve strategically available to minimize number of port orders
• Standard quality control – ISO 22000 quality service