Integrated Logistic Support

ECS Supply Operations are designed to reach Cruise Ships and Ports in the most efficient way. Committing to a full service, ECS is able to offer all delivery solutions required by the Cruise Industry.

• Third-Party Logistic provider (3PL)
• FAS Delivery to all European ports from our 3 platforms
• Delivery of bulks and/or mixed trucks to Customers Distribution Centers in all Europe
• Consolidation of mixed containers and delivery to the winter season destinations (South America, South Africa, Dubai, China)

Ebrex Cruise Service as ‘3PL’ provides an automated solution, via the JDA MIS system, for mobile resources and assets monitoring that improves capital deployment, rescue loss and ensures regulatory compliance. That solution tracks all kind of mobile resources, such as returnable containers, equipment, racks, pallets, spare parts and people.

ECS’ JDA is compatible with any external ERP system and can be applied to any transportation method, without adding the cost and complexity of third party middleware as freight forwarders.


A net strategically positioned to serve all ports in South Europe:
In 30 DAYS from all ports of Eastern US (Miami, Port Everglades, Houston, NY, Norfolk, Baltimore) and then only few hours from our Platform to cover the destinations in South Europe.

Key benefits
• Reduce storage and handling cost by 20/35%
• Cut circle time by 15%
• Reduce fulfillment cost by 25%

ECS collaborates with several hubs in North and South Europe and in Middle East to optimize every step of the supply chain and ensure the right solution for food items and non, approved and not, based on the Customer requirements.

Thanks to our strong presence in the Mediterranean area and our logistic expertise all over the world, ECS is able to deliver to over 30 countries: Mediterranean Area, Northern Europe, Middle East, South America, South Africa, Far East.