Ozone sanitation

Ozone sanitation

Ebrex Cruise Services delivers additional services to their Customers in order to increase the efficiency and safety on-board.

This innovative method consists in applying a natural and effective procedure for disinfection, deodorization and sterilization of air, water and environment.

The treated area will be completely disinfected from insects and parasites but also from micro organisms such as spores, bacteria and viruses. Moreover the ozone sanitation will deodorize the area from industrial fumes, cigarette smoke, and kitchen odors.

Ozone sanitizing system doesn’t release any chemicals during or after applications. It has been recognized as a “GRAS” agent (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Areas of application

• On-board Hospitality, Sport & Wellness facilities (Ozone can replace Chlorine in the treatment of swimming pools), Kitchen and crew facilities

• Water treatment: Decontamination, sterilization, discoloration, deodorization of drinking water

• Containers: Sterilization and disinfection of containers to increase the products’ shelf life