Last Minute Deals

Last Minute Deals

ECS can offer high quality products at a significant discounted price.

Exploiting the concept of Bartering within a wide network of primary manufacturers, ECS is able to provide large stocks of Italian and European luxury brands.

The offer belongs to jewellery, watches, clothes, sunglasses, bags, …

Discounts are up to 90%

Those items can then be offered in the on-board Duty Free Shops, enhancing the final offer to passengers and ensuring high margins for the Cruise company.

ECS works in partnership with GRUPPO NEXT, leader of bartering in Italy.


Our customers can access directly the on-line offers through the following link:

The offers are constantly updated and last only 72H!

Few simple steps to get the personalised offer:
  1. Sign up and register your Account
  2. Navigate through the Categories and Select the desired Items
  3. Add the items to the Wish List and Enter the desired Quantity per item
  4. Ebrex will send you the discounted price proposal directly by e-mail
  5. Upon confirmation, the items will be delivered in few days