Forli and Vercelli Warehousing

Forli and Vercelli Warehousing

ECS provides tailored orders from an extensive assortment to satisfy all Cruise and Ship companies needs, thanks to our modern warehouses and timely delivery.

Our facilities are designed and developed to optimize the handling of the largest fresh and frozen assortment in order to ensure the respect of the cold chain.

ECS takes care of all documentation and certification thanks to our constantly updated know-how of customs, transportation and veterinary regulations.

FORLI: the solution for EAST MED

Adriatica Logistics in Forlì is a highly automated platform, strategically positioned to serve the ports of Venice, Ravenna, Bari and the Eastern Med.

Volume Pallets
Frozen 25.380m³ 1.750 posti picking + 3400 stockpile
Fresh 3.100m³ 20 posti picking + 40 stockpile
Dry 5.000m³ 350 posti picking + 400 stockpile


Bonded and Fiscal warehouse
Temporary Bonded area
Non EU Approved warehouse

US VETCOM Approved

RADIO FREQUENCY Warehouse Management System:
Goods receiving: scanner tablet Motorola
Storage: lift truck BT-CESAB with mobile terminal Motorola
Picking: instructions managed through the Voice Vocollect system (headphone with microphone)

12 trucks refrigerated, with different dimensions and managing 2 temperature levels

VERCELLI: the perfect hub for NORTH MED

Vercelli is strategically positioned to serve both South and North Europe: 130km to Genoa’s port, 340km to Venice, 950km to Barcelona

State-of-art refrigerated WAREHOUSE OF 10.000m²

COOL STORE ROOMS with a capacity till 2.000 pallets

Warehouse dedicated to NON EU APPROVED PRODUCTS

Set points in rooms from -30°C till +14°C

ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Certifications

Real-time Stock Management and Quality Control System