About Ebrex Cruise Services

Ebrex Cruise Services (ECS) provides logistic services and supplies to the Cruise lines Industry in the Mediterranean area and all main ports worldwide.

We want to satisfy our Customers needs through a new concept of full service: from purchase to on-board delivery, Ebrex Cruise Services takes care of each step of the supply chain.

• Third-Party Logistic Provider (3PL) through our warehouses in Civitavecchia (inside the port), Forlì and Vercelli
• FAS Delivery to all European ports
• Delivery of bulks and/or mixed trucks
• Consolidation of mixed containers and delivery to the Winter season destinations

• Fruits and Vegetables
• Meat and Poultry
• Fish and Seafood
• Dairy products
• Dry goods
• Beverages and bonded products
• Cleaning materials and Toiletries

OTHER SERVICES, including:
• Crew Maritime Rate
• Last Minute Deals
• Sanitation with Ozone


We take advantage of the experience of two companies specialized in tailoring logistic and supply solutions to the specific needs of our Customers worldwide:

ECS is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:

ISO 9001   ISO 22000